Top Brand of Consumer Goods

Each business has many different resources, including raw materials in the production of parts for product assembly and stocks of each type of products. Therefore, having a warehouse is very necessary because it is considered the center of the products, raw materials, and finished goods to get prepared for delivery to customers in the next step.

WHA is the leading service provider in the construction of warehouses, distribution centers, and factories of all kinds to support the needs of customers. In the past, WHA has served its customers in a variety of industries, including automotive businesses, such as automobiles, motorcycles, and aircraft parts, and automotive industry supporters.

In the consumer goods industry, WHA has provided its warehouse production services for many businesses. We produce and design highest quality standard buildings in accordance with the requirements of our customers, which takes into account the convenience of the routes to access, usability and minimization of logistics costs.


Business type: Consumer goods and pharmaceutical industry

Sell consumer goods and provide after-sales service of DKSH products, including selling, marketing, and distribution businesses, by choosing WHA's warehouses where the temperature can be controlled to maintain product quality in storage before delivery to the buyers.

Sino - Pacific

Importer and distributor of finest confectionery and grocery products offerings which include: Chocolates, Confectionaries, Snacks, Biscuits, Beverages, and other products for use of industrial purposes. Which has the product line consists of almost 70 brands from all over the world.


Business type: Consumer goods industry

Produce and distribute consumer goods and chemical products both in the country and abroad.


Business type: Consumer goods industry

Collect and distribute products and materials for comprehensive home renovations.


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