WHA Tower

WHA Tower is an office building designed for businesses looking for a fully equipped office. It comes with a strong, modern building structure to provide tenants with full comfort and convenience. It features:

  • Grade-A office building on Bangna-Trad Road;
  • High-speed elevators for separate zones;
  • Security and fire suppression systems;
  • Energy-saving lighting system;
  • Windows made of 3-layer glass that can block up to 70% of sunlight; and
  • Contactless security technology.

In addition, height structures are designed as follows:

  • Ceiling height is 2.9 meters; and
  • Floor-to-floor height is 4.2 meters.

For more information, please contact us at: 02 719 9555 or e-mail: marketing@wha-group.com


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