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WHA Group Shows Solidarity with its Communities in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

WHA Group has always considered the community at the core of its development. Since its earliest days, the company has been looking after the well-being of the residential villages surrounding its industrial estates through initiatives that help foster a more progressive community.

These activities aim to help impact the lives of different groups: the youth, through a well-rounded education; the general public, through actions involving health, safety, security and the environment; and the elderly, through contributions that can make their lives more comfortable and meaningful.

Tackling the COVID-19 Crisis Together

Despite the anxiety and uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, WHA Group did not slow down its efforts to make a difference in the lives of its neighbors. WHA Industrial Development (WHA ID) donated a brand new vehicle to be used by the local police to ensure a safe working and living environment for all.

To help protect medical front liners bravely serving COVID-19 patients at the Ban Khai Hospital, WHA donated a much-needed Negative Pressure Cabinet. Built to prevent the proliferation of germs and viruses, it is crucial for reducing the risk of infection among patients and medical staff.

Food packs were distributed to vulnerable families with limited access to food or that suffered economic consequences as a result of the pandemic. In conjunction with the Thai Red Cross Rayong Chapter and the Rayong Hospital, a blood donation event was organized to ensure that blood supply is always adequate and ready for those in need.

Over at Aor Bor Tor Nong Sua Chang community, WHA representatives provided care packages containing first aid kits, adult diapers, soaps and basic medicines to senior citizens and those who suffer from limited or impaired mobility. They also participated in a clean-up activity in the Ban Khai district, creating a stronger bond with local residents through environmental awareness.

“WHA Group is indeed very fortunate to have people that share the same respect and commitment towards the community,” said Ms Siyaphas Chantachairoj, Director - Corporate Marketing of WHA Corporation PCL. “With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are delighted to strengthen our ties with our neighboring communities by extending our unwavering support. WHA Group is fully committed to giving back to society, and this is the perfect time to demonstrate it.”

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