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The Built-to-Suit Concept is the strategy that WHA has adopted since the establishment of the WHA Group in 2002, and this is the concept that announces WHA to the industry.

Through our expertise and experience in developing industrial properties for two decades, WHA provides the clients with the logistics facilities that matches requirements of the clients in terms of the location and the design that fully accommodate the operations and expansion of the clients through our premium and world-class quality, latest innovation applied as well as on-time delivery that enable the clients achieve the highest level of the operational efficiency and effectiveness.

With these expertise we provide for the clients, WHA has become the trusted partner for the numbers of globally-recognized companies from different industries around the globe and lead to the strategic partnership in expanding their business globally.

Infrastructure and facility

With the development of the Built-to-Suit Project, the world-class facilities will be well-designed and constructed with the premium quality in accordance with the operational requirements and the expansion of the clients in the strategic location that is chosen by the clients.

Service for Built-to-suit

Apart from the premium quality of the facilities that WHA provides for the clients, our premium after-sale services is also one of our key success factors that leads WHA to 100% occupancy and highest client satisfaction for over 10 years. WHA operation-and-maintenance (OM) team will provide the premium on-site services with quick response to ensure the least disturbance to the customer's operational activities.

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